Brisbane/Newcastle ~ sound familiar?

Hi ho from Albury, NSW as i drive my daughters car to Tassie.
Yes, she moved out …again

This weeks Best Bit is an interesting read to show what we have been saying for a while now is unfolding perfectly.

While I don`t agree for one second that Melbourne market has peaked, Sydney pretty much has but Newcastle still has a ways to go.

Hence why i am still considering both Melbourne AND Newcastle property for those investors who don`t have property in VIC or NSW.

Without doubt Brisbane is the money town right now as it starts its ‘catch up’ growth phase that I believe will run into 2020…2021 so if you haven’t jumped on the Brissie train, as Molly Meldrum says…’Do yourself a favor’.

Talk to me first about which areas as some show better value and yield than others while some have higher investor risk for tenancy.

Have a great week and i will tuck my little girl safely back in home territory of BEAUTIFUL Hobart.
(Will do property update as Hobart is flying right now so stay tuned)

Mike Harvey


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