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Hi all

Thanks for those who made our event last
week. We filled the room again and had a super reaction to the speakers content being ‘snappy, generous and valuable’ according to one Investor.

As promised, I’ve attached the core logic report on the Aust property market and as I warned Monday night, you have to spit the pips out sometimes as there is no ‘Australian Property Market’  as such so listen to the state or regional breakdown stats and bear in mind, often the unit values and House values are combined  which can be misleading because as all good investors know, House and land is generally stronger in growth and safer all around so if you need more specific info, just write to me and I can update you on specific areas.

In short:
Sydney flat the past 3 months although my guru friend out of Sydney is predicting still another 5% plus from Sydney this next 12 months.
As we have been forecasting for the past year or two, Newcastle is the NSW property to get into post Sydney boom and surprise, surprise, Newcastle was the star performer in all of regional Australia with 14.6% growth this past year. I don’t count Newcastle as true regional as it is a huge City with 1.2m people in and around it PLUS is now normal commuting habit for hundreds of thousands of Sydney workers. The gong is performing well for similar reasons but my preference is still Newcastle for Employment and long term reasons.

Hobart is going gangbusters but as mentioned on my recent video from Tassie, it fluctuates too much over the years and is not reliable as a population of 200,000 people can flip your investment quickly when demand shifts following Govt or industry changes. Hey, I lived there for 40 years. I love it but wouldn’t prioritise investing there – been there, made that blunder!

Melbourne is slowing down but still great opportunity for growth over the next 2-3 years. I am still putting my clients into Melbourne in areas where growth is only warming up so chat to me if you haven’t got Melbourne in your portfolio.
Darwin is never on the radar and is still heading south and Perth, well Perth has probably bottomed out but in my and others opinion is not ready for investing yet. Give it at least a year as the vacancies are very high and you could buy a bargain but be stuck with no tenants. Wait wait wait.

Brisbane is humming and the time on market is coming off. The economy is warming up pre- comm games and unemployment is down so all the signs are great although new stock prices are already jumping up so we have to hunt carefully for great value there especially for those wanting the Gold Coast corridor. It is great but prices are up and yields are down with high vacancies so while I like it, I know I can find better short and medium term growth with higher yields elsewhere in Brisvegas. Again, chat to me if you want to know more.

Got to run

We video’d much of the event this week so will be showing the highlights to you and if anyone wants speakers notes, just ask.

Have a great week!

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