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Hi all,

What Property Investors need most…

Warren Buffet, Robert Kiyosaki and numerous other Property billionaires all say “a good Property Manager is the most important resource in creating wealth through property”.

They can make your life easy or turn owning property into a headache.

Kirk Simpson has proven himself to be the best in the game and I’m happy to say is truly ON YOUR SIDE.

I use him personally for my property and am proud to bring him up from Melbourne to speak to you all.

On November 20th, OYSI have a team of Property Investing advisors together to give you the help you need on:

Property Management
Mortgage Broking
Financial Advice
Tax Depreciation
Property Strategy

All speakers are multiple Property Owners themselves:

Kirk Simpson –      Lucra Property
Reine Clemow –    Acquira Wealth
Darren Stephens – Global Publishing
Peter Thomas –     Mortgage Choice
Geoff Tomkins –     GCT Property
Kevin Gosling  –    Successology
Mark Kilroy   –        Koste
Mike Harvey    –     OYSI

Will be a brilliant night!
See you there!

Mike Harvey

Mike Harvey
Principal Investment Consultant and Author
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0400 098 755
E –  mike@onyourside.consulting