Hi everyone,

How does 3.99% Interest only fixed for 2 years on an investment property sound? Pretty darn good in this climate doesn’t it. Well, this is one of the reasons I always say to use a good or even a GREAT Mortgage Broker to help you.

One of the brokers I like to use found this recently and is reviewing some of my clients files to see if they will fit.

It reminded me of the difference between a good mortgage broker and a GREAT one. I have a handful of Brokers I assess as GREAT in each Capital City who pass the OYSI ‘best interest test’ of both fully understanding investment property strategy AND being the proactive type to dig and FIND the best solution and rate for YOU. I have had some experiences recently with lazy brokers or some who are frustrating to work with as they don’t involve me in the process and understand the strategy we are working on requires a specific loan structure and payment arrangement for the investor.

So, don’t lock yourself in with your local bank who might have a nice manager with his hands tied behind his back, talk to me about finding a GREAT Mortgage Broker who will not only help you get the best deal for this property but understand how it might fit in with your whole portfolio.

Contact me if you would like any further information.