Happy New Year to you!!

Hi all and welcome to what is likely to be an interesting and prosperous 2017.
A technical hitch delayed best bits but we are back and racing now.

30% growth this year in brisvegas?
Hardly, but that is what a few Marketeers are predicting in the press.

I have property in Brisbane as do many of my clients so yes, we would LOVE to see that this year but my opinion is that we will have 10% + in 2017 (after about 8% in 2016).
2018 is when I believe we will jump to 20%+ growth followed by another 20%+ in 2019.

Why do I use these numbers?
History and looking at the shape of the market trends.

As you can see by the article below, Brisbane is now outpacing Sydney as far as median growth stats go and has been for 6 months or more.
History says that Sydney always leads a boom followed by Melbourne, followed by Brisbane.

We are seeing exactly that with the Gold Coast leading the charge early due to the economic boost given by massive Commonwealth games construction that started a couple of years ago bringing jobs and growth to the glitter strip.
GC is easing off now as is Sydney with Sydney likely to limp along perhaps another 10% this year at best.

Interestingly, Melbourne population is only 350 000 below Sydney now so pretty soon it will be Australia’s biggest city. All part of the reason I am still putting clients into Melbourne if it fits their strategy although block sizes and value property are still difficult to find.
Melbourne is a trick and not for the new investor to go into without advice and help as there are suburbs that are bombs and suburbs that are ‘above average’ for growth potential so be careful going it alone. Reliable builders are also hard to pick from the multitude.

Stay tuned for invites to the ‘Maximiser Event’ specifically for Property Investors and ‘interested parties’ being held at Links Hope Island Golf Club next month.

Put those New Year’s resolutions on your bathroom mirror and just take the next step, whatever it is.
Perhaps send them to me and I can help hold you accountable to them. Scary isn’t it? But shared goals are achieved goals!

Stay cool in this heat and remember to make momentum your friend in 2017



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