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What’s it all FOR? (Why invest)

This ‘Best bits’ is a salute to a good friend and fellow investor David Cuschieri.
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David is currently on a 6 month walk from London to Jerusalem as a pilgrimage to acknowledge the plight of Palestine and writing a blog of his journey.
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While David and his lovely wife, Heidi have numerous properties in their investment portfolio, the properties are just ‘wigits’ in their journey through life.

They have continually invested whenever finances allowed, to now be at a point where their properties are not only growing in value at an average of 7% pa but are providing income to allow David to take 6 months off work to follow a PASSION and a DREAM.

As you read in his post, David is a wonderful and sensitive soul sharing not only the steps of his journey but engaging with people, places, hearts and the lives of those with us physically and sometimes just in spirit.

Davids journey and posts are a reminder of WHY we take steps to invest our hard earned dollars now to ensure we have freedom to fulfill our goals and desires and also have control of our time in this planet to help or influence others.

Talk to us about your steps and I hope you enjoy this read from our amazing friend David as much as I did.

Travel safe David and thank you for your example of honesty in heart and action.

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Principal Investment Consultant and Author
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