Updates on the Brisbane Market.

“Who’s opinion to listen to on property?”

Hi all

This week is an absolute bottler!

For those who have seen my updates or been to an event, this will resonate with you on several fronts when it comes to assessing what is actually happening now and likely to happen in the various property markets.
Many pundits who get air time simply are confusing their readers/listeners and frankly just don’t know what they are talking about (see Terry Ryders comments as to why) https://jenman.com.au/property-report-june-2017/

Anyone to uses the term ‘Australian Property Market’ should get the DELETE button.
Research highlights in this are key potential markets like Melbourne, Newcastle and Brisbane that I also have been talking about over the past year. Remember, each Investor has a specific Strategy required to fit their goals and ability so as always, talk to me directly about how to use this knowledge to fit in with your own personal situation.

For those who read the Core Logic report this week that said Brisbane was flat, ask me to break that down for you as it is actually quite exciting. https://www.corelogic.com.au/

Have a great week!


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