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Nothing actually!
This is how On Your Side Investments add value and help our investors find good Intel so they can be stronger clients for the future.

Graham is a good friend of mine and as some may have experienced, he has spoken at some of my events.

While Property Investing is my expertise, I am also a fan of diversifying investments and getting help from people I know, like and trust.
Graham is a gentleman, a great resource and compliments the principles of OYSI.

He has been kind enough to offer my contacts his new bookThe Truth Behind the Investment Game’.
This book is a real eye opener into how investing works around the world!

Of course, if you like what you read, then use him as a resource of information and join his inner circle club and pay for the ‘inside know’.

For now, enjoy this very good read.

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Graham is a private investment strategist to senior executives and entrepreneurs and a frequent guest analyst with over a 1000 appearances on CNBC’s Squawk Box, Asia Market Wrap and Smart Money, along with Reuters, BBC World and Bloomberg.

Graham has decided to finally blow the lid off of the investment game secrets with his new book
‘The Truth Behind the Investment Game’

Graham is also offering a FREE 30 Minute strategy session as a
When you order the book, just select the option for the Strategy Session and you’ll be provided with an online calendar to choose your time slot.

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