3 Weeks to go!!
“What’s hot in the Brisbane Property Market”
Monday 2nd Oct – 4pm
Rydges Bankstown 874 Hume Highway, Bass Hill NSW 2197

Hi everyone

If you live in Sydney or have contacts in Sydney, this is for you.
See below for our Hunter Valley update but It’s 3 weeks until our Sydney property workshop so time to book in now!

This week I thought I’d forward a great article from a major supplier of mine that is appealing for investors to buy in the Hunter Valley.
I have been watching Newcastle/Hunter a lot over the past few years and when Sydney reached ‘uninvestable status’ (in my opinion) back in 2015, I was still putting clients into the Newcastle region when it was appropriate to their overall portfolio situation and plan.
Many people focus on investing in their own back yard because usually it ‘feels better’. It’s another subject but simply, to create a portfolio that is going to work for YOU over a 20 year period say, you need regular purchases in a strategy of diversification. If you already own a property where you live then you have growth in that market assured, so let’s look at a market you don’t have a presence in and where you can get growth sooner rather than later.
The Hunter region may well fit your strategy or maybe it won’t
Chat to me and I can help you answer that question.
Have a great week and please forward my Sydney workshop videos to anyone you know in Sydney

Geoff Tomkins will be talking about Brisbane hot spots and why we are expecting up 80% increase in values over next 3 years.
We will have several mortgage brokers in the room so you can find out what’s happening with rates and property management expert Kirk Simpson will be flying in to answer all your PM questions.
See below for more details:

On Your Side Investments and GCT Property are teaming up to bring Sydneysiders some genuine help in understanding how to find the best Investment Property outside of Sydney.
Our focus will be on the Brisbane market but will also cover what is happening around the country and even whether Newcastle is a smart option still.

As always, you won’t be able to buy a thing at our events because each property needs to be tailor fitted to suit the investor. So this is an INFORMATION event, NOT A SALES EVENT.
Every investor is different whether it’s their age, goals, financial ability or mindset, everyone is different.
Just like every property market in Australia is different and grows based on its own economic cycle and factors that precede growth.
We will have local Sydney experts on Mortgages, Conveyancing, Property Management and accounting who will be there to inform and answer your questions.

Mike Harvey

Author of “How to Jump into Investment Property without being eaten by SHARKS”
I’ve been a property Investor myself for many years and set up On Your Side Investments after being bitten by the SHARKS and wanting to being sensible solutions and simple advice to people wanting to invest in the Residential Property market. We start by getting the strategy right, then finding the best fit, best value property that is designed to help our clients reach their financial goals.

Geoff Tomkins

Coming from the construction industry has given me great experience on the standards in the industry and many years of renovating, building new and subdividing helps me understand and answer the questions many investors have.
I believe understanding the numbers and cash flow of a property before
making a decision is crucial and I love seeing my clients building their portfolios.



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Principal Investment Consultant and Author
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                                          Geoff Tomkins
Buyer`s Advocate
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