Define Your Success


It’s no secret that without discipline and focus you are unlikely to achieve much, let alone an outstanding life. You only have to look to the ultra-successful people in our world to see how driven and determined they have been in the pursuit of their goals. The same can be said for jumping into the investment arena. It’s not a decision to be made lightly but with the right amount of discipline and focus, you can achieve amazing results and even if/when you find a problem or challenge, no obstacle is insurmountable.

Discipline and focus have never been Mike’s strong points. Hence, why it took him until he was 40 years old to even start THINKING about wealth creation and really, 50 years old before he realised that he was barely treading water on his wealth journey. Only then did he realise he needed to shift mindset and habits in order to change the pending result. Fortunately, he did make that change but it was something that he had to work on.

So, when we said discipline and focus have never been his strong points, we were right. They have been occasional visitors in his life but it took a DECISION to give both of those traits long enough air time in his life to start making a difference and make them stronger points than what they were previously.

Mike can happily say it is still a work in progress but he has learnt from watching other people, asking questions, reading books (which has been on one of the hardest habits to change for him) and working with mentors. He would say discipline and focus for him has increased with self-belief, and self-belief increased after seeing results of discipline and focus. How does that work?

We will quote a ‘learning’ he received from a fellow author and life coach, Aly Michaels. Aly told Mike that we all have an income ceiling. We earn roughly what we think we are worth.

If people think they are worth $40,000 per year then guess what? They earn around $40,000 per year. If they feel they are worth $100,000 per year then that is what they earn and so on. There are those who earn $1 million per year and no doubt think they are worth that too and it doesn’t stop there.

However, we all have a ‘worth’ ceiling and it takes a shift in self-belief in order for us to shift income levels. There are many cases where some people have some luck and win lotto, they might get a really good shift in their job or business and earn some fantastic commission or bonus, all only to find that they self-sabotage and either spend the excess, give it away or reduce their intensity (focus and discipline) and just earn less the next year to even things out.

Terrible, isn’t it?

When you look at highly successful people whether in business, sports or the arts, there is a common trait. They had self-belief at an early age and felt they DESERVED success. That doesn’t mean they sat back and waited for that success to happen, they believed they deserved success so did what was required to achieve it.

Discover How Golfing Legend Peter Senior Made Money With Property A great example of what we’ve been talking about. Enjoy the read and if you’ve any questions or would like to chat to Mike about his experience and what needed to change for him he’s always happy to have a chat.

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