To live in

To make money

To create wealth

The focus of our book, How to Invest in Property Without Being Eaten by Sharks is about the third reason … To CREATE WEALTH.

Wealth Creation

Accumulation of assets (especially those that generate income) over a long period of time. A major example of wealth creation is a retirement plan. (The Free Dictionary)
To Create Wealth:

Create = “Bring Something into Existence” (Oxford Dictionary)

Wealth = There are various definitions that all talk about abundance of money, but I like this one… An individual, community, region or country that possesses an abundance of such possessions or resources to the benefit of the common good is known as wealthy. (Wikipedia)

Why would we want or need to create wealth?
To minimise, or reduce FEAR. Fear of being poor, not having enough, going without, judgement from others or even worse, judgement of ourselves on the value of our existence. A little too much?

Ok, how about so that we can enjoy a lifestyle that we have either learned to love during our working lives or that we have dreamed, desired or hoped for… Yes, that will do.

More so, it’s to enjoy the benefits of what financial freedom brings to our lives. What does that mean? Well for each of us it is very different based on our family or origin, experiences in life and our view of the universe and our place in it.

For some of us it may be enough money and income to enable us to:

1. Sleep all day on a tropical beach sipping Pina Coladas.

2. Enjoying 24/7 life on The World.

(MS The World is the largest private cruise ship on the planet! The World serves as a residential community and is owned by its residents. The relatively small group of very special passengers are from about forty countries and live on the ship.)

3. Retire to our seaside shack where we can fish, play golf, bingo two nights per week and eat good food.3. Retire to our seaside shack where we can fish, play golf, bingo two nights per week and eat good food.

That is all fine and may be all or only a small part of what we hope to achieve by creating wealth.

Once we have ‘Enough’ (which again is different for each of us), we are free and open to think about how we want to affect others around us.

1. Ensure we help our children and grandchildren by maybe buying a house or better still in our opinion, HELP them buy a house.

2. Dig wells in Africa.

3. Build houses and facilities in Third World countries.

4. Set up shelters, food and education for the homeless in our own country.

5. Foster orphans.

6. Cure cancer.

7. Solve global warming issues.

It really depends on how big a pot we have and what it would take to fill it.

Let’s start with the most common and simple idea of being in a position to retire on the same income we enjoyed during our working life.

The stats are changing all the time but currently in Australia, the average superannuation balance at retirement is around $200,000 for men and $100,000 for women.

Is that enough for you when combined with the pension?

With the changes to pension rules, you may well be required to live off whatever Superannuation savings you have until they run out BEFORE you are entitled to get the pension. Pension rules are getting tougher every year as the government coffers become stressed with the massive number of baby boomers retiring over this next 15 years.
If you would like to discuss your individual circumstances with our team to see if we can help, contact our office on 07 5510 9341.

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