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Property Forecast 2020

Sydney and Melbourne will correct and then with an easing of policy, will find their level around the peak of November 2017 until the next ‘real boom’ in another 5-7 years.

Is now a good time to buy property?

With budget surplus on the way, record population and spending growth, improving auction clearing rates, and tax cuts, is now a good time to buy property?

Is the climate good for Property Investors in 2019

Join us at our next OYSI event on 18th June where we will have our reliable team of experts in each field present and run a Q&A format over a beer and snack at Arundel Golf Club. Click to register or just pick up the phone or mouse and arrange your spot!What a...

What Prime Minister Scott Morrison Says About Mortgage Brokers

At OYSI, we never want to get into a political chat or direct the voting pen but in the interests of clear education on how the election outcome may affect investors, I am forwarding you this letter from the PM. His points are pretty accurate and I have been...

Brisbane Land Values On The Rise

Well, after being in the thick of Melbourne and Sydney for most of the past 2 weeks, assessing what is really happening on the ground (plus playing a bit of golf) I am glad to be back in Brisbane where those who understand property are very bumper about the next 2-3...

The Truth About Melbourne Property Prices

I have had 3 people in the last few days in Brisbane ask me if I was worried about house prices falling. After I finished smiling each time, I asked “which prices are falling”?  I got a different answer each time but this is simply what happens when we get our ‘over...