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How to Jump Into

Property Investing

Learn how to Find the Right People and Invest the Smartest way

If you are serious about being in control in your Retirement Years, How to Jump into Property Investing will show you how to safely Jump into the market without being at the mercy of profit makers ripping you off!

International Author and Property Expert Mike Harvey shares his 20 years of experience and wisdom revealing a step-by-step ‘Blueprint’ to safely investing into the property market – without being eaten by the sharks.

You’ll learn:

  • How to Create Wealth Safely using Residential Property
  • How to sift through the Marketeers and weed out the Rip offs
  • How to Retire on the same Income you earnt while you were Working
  • Real Case Stories of Investors who overcame mistakes to make it Rich using property and share their Secrets
  • How to Super Charge your wealth Creation
  • Essential Tips & Tricks, Pitfalls and Short Cuts to make your life easier
“This is the most honest and practical advice you’ll ever get from a range of everyday Australians who have learnt how to do it right!” Paul Saver

QLD Investor

Mike Harvey

Mike Harvey

Mike is a savvy property investor, serial entrepreneur, author and humanitarian. At 22 Mike had started his first business, after 10 years in Credit and Analytical roles Mike then bought an Awesome Water Franchise, which he later sold for a healthy profit. Post sale, Mike moved to Queensland to become the COO for a national water company as they identified his inherent business acumen and ability to manage and lead people. In a few short years, he became CEO of the company.

Mike has always had a passion for property investment and started his portfolio at 35 and have been growing and refining it ever since. Through the years Mike has been exposed to some SHARKS in the industry and seen how their practices can impact families. A desire to help people succeed and invest in safe and reliable property led Mike to not only start “On Your Side Investments” but to also write his first book, entitled “How to Jump into Property Investing – without being Eaten by Sharks”.

Mike is an active participant in many professional and charitable associations including Links Hope Island Golf Club, BNI Elite Division, Gold Coast Basket Brigade, and the Toogoolawa School for Boys which supports young men who don’t fit into mainstream schooling. His love for life and love of helping others lead him to participate in two of the hardest and life-changing charity fundraisers. The fundraisers included a mountain bike trek across the Serengeti in Tanzania, and walking the Kokoda Track, raising not only money, but also awareness for the charities.

Mike is an avid golfer and has won two International Masters golf titles. Just tell Mike you want to discuss your next investment on the golf course and I’m sure he will happily oblige.