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Useful Resources For Covid-19

Are you worried about the effects of Covid-19 on your property portfolio?

Of Course you are!

For this reason I have set up a resource page here so you can take these live links and info sheets to answer your questions on what to do about property management, loans, Insurance etc.

I have added a contact button to make it easy to book a chat with me about the strategy now and what might be helpful for you moving forward.


If you are looking to buy property, that is a longer discussion and we need to chat about when the best time to buy will be.

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Click the various links for the latest info:

The team at Beautique Realty have a fantastic blog with all the government assistance provided due to Covid-19. It is regularly updated as the new government updates come out.
Power Loans have put together a document on how to access all the different banks’ assistance.
Tim Russel from MultiPart Finance has a great guide on the banks policies for deferring mortgage payments.
Suellen Greaves from CoverMax Insurance has provided an article on landlords insurance during Covid-19.
The team from LucraSales have provided information on the rental assistance available from the Victorian Government.
Mick De Brenni, who is the minister for housing and public works sent out this email last week as a reply to everyone that had emailed him.
Here is an article from breaking down all the different rent relief packages across the different states and territories.
This page from the Queensland government specifically covers the Queensland rent relief program.