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On Your Side Investments

We are but a reflection of our values.


Help where you can.

Living and acting ethically and helping others is very important to me. This is why I have started the ‘Pass it on’ Foundation – a program from kids for kids. We are aiming to look after our planet and create a healthy safe world for future generations. 


The vision.


To enrol our kids to help the youth of the world whether in Australia or overseas with a core goal of fostering education to lead all on a purposeful journey 



This comes from a life I was introduced to as a child when my father brought foster kids into our home for holidays. I didn’t realise the power and purpose to what he did until I was in my 50s. He was using his kids to bring connection and love to those who lived a life with very little of it. 

how you can help

Adopt a school program.

Connect and help other kids who badly need equipment to be able to learn better. Did you know some kids in Cambodia don’t even have chairs to sit on or desks to put their books on? I’ve visited many places where classrooms were rudimental. This is where you can help. Adopt a class and start fundraising for those who need it most.  


Basket Brigade.


Did you know there are many families who can’t afford Christmas gifts for their children or big Christmas dinners? This is where you can help packing baskets with the Basket Brigade. We are committed helping Australian families to have nicer Christmas Eve’s with their loved ones. Just leading up to the big event, we need kids who help to raise funds, then pack and deliver food hampers to those who could use a hand.  


Pencil Community.


How many times have you thrown out old pencils that you don’t want to use any longer? Right, so many times and we didn’t’ think much about it. On the other hand, these kids I have visited in Cambodia and other places would give a lot to have some materials for crafting. Well, why not collecting pencils instead of throwing them away? This will not only minimise rubbish and keeps the plastic out of the oceans and rivers of the world, but also make someone in need very happy.  


Pencils Community


Simply, it all stems from values my father placed in me as we were brought up bringing foster kids into our home and shared my holidays with strangers whom dad wanted to help along the way so I guess it is inground in me to get happiness from simply SHARING.

What I am to do with On Your Side Investments is while the focus of the business is helping people create wealth through property and securing their financial future and control there is no point unless it also helps people fulfil their purpose, whatever that is.

In a society where many fathers abandon their post and fail to instil VALUES in their kid’s hearts, Our aim is to focus on encouraging CHILDREN to share and give to others, especially other children as that is where the future of the planet lies. Educating Children.

Pencils community fits this goal and allows me to personally be involved at the sharp end where I personally found the experience in Thailand was the absolute highlight of a trip that was filled with many.

My involvement in Gold Coast Basket Brigade is a way of again, involving children in putting together food packs at Christmas time and personally delivering so this way I have both the world picture and help in my own backyard included.

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The Basket Brigade.

The Basket Brigade began decades ago with one man’s decision to help families in need. The man, Anthony Robbins, remembers how as a child he was caught by surprise when a stranger gave his family bags of food on Thanksgiving Day in the United States. From then on, he resolved to do what he can to make others feel that strangers do care. Tony’s efforts eventually brought about an international campaign to provide food and gifts for people who need a hand.

The Basket Brigades in Australia operate under the Magic Moments Foundation. They organise the donations in December, and the week before Christmas give donations to needy families. Composed of one hundred percent of volunteers, they now have ten chapters throughout the country: in Canberra, Newcastle, Sydney, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Melbourne and Perth.

Mike is a volunteer each year and has been on the committee since 2010. Mike encourages you all to join him this year to keep the circle of giving intact by volunteering for Packing Day or donating food or goods. You can also donate online through their website.

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