On Your Side Investments

We're on your side every step of your investment journey


We’re on your side every step of the way.

On Your Side Investments are trusted advisers of a growing number of successful Australian and International Property Investors. We really are on your side, and as our trust guarantee proves we pride ourselves on acting with honesty and integrity, in your best interests, every day, every transaction.

You see, Property Investment shouldn’t be about what someone wants to sell you, it has to be about you, your goals and how we can help you create an investment strategy that exceeds your retirement dreams.

The On Your Side Consultants are experts in the industry and use their years of experience to understand your current situation, create an investment plan unique to your needs, and take the journey with you through your retirement.

Unique and proud of it:

  • No FEE for service
  • Our Trust Guarantee – we NEVER take Referral or Commission payments.
  • We find the right property for your needs.
  • Turn-Key approach to investment, supporting you for years to come.
  • Specialists in SMSF Investment Strategies.


We’re here to help your investment dreams become a reality.


We work in your best interest every time.

On Your Side Investments was established out of a desire to create a property investment group that stood by their customers and worked wholeheartedly in their best interests. Owner and Principal Consultant, Mike Harvey has seen one too many SHARKS in the industry and wanted to create a safe, trusted and successful place for Property Investors. We are committed to helping you create a path to investment success for your future and your retirement dreams. In line with this thinking Mike wanted to ensure On Your Side Investments stayed true to its word and implements the “Trust Guarantee” as a core element of its business.

No Fee for Service

We are a FREE service to you. Like Mortgage Brokers, we are paid by the supplier. It is our job to find the best available property for you, based on your investment plan.

No Referral Commissions

We don’t charge referral commissions from parties we recommend to you. Instead we insist suppliers give competitive rates that benefit you.

Commissions received go to YOU, not us

If a supplier provides a referral commission we refuse to take it so it’s passed onto YOU to assist in your cash flow and portfolio growth. That’s a promise!


What are your investment and retirement goals?

On Your Side Property Consultants works with you to create a personalised investment plan based on your goals. We provide a turn-key approach to property investing, from creating a blueprint for your investment future, to helping you find trusted suppliers, and again, we receive NO Commission or Referral payments from these suppliers.

We have created a network of trusted suppliers in support services needed as a property investor, all who have your best interest in mind.

The journey to retirement is a long one and we are proud to say we become part of our client’s circle of trust and they become part of our family.

Our Turn-Key approach, means we can support your investment journey with trusted suppliers, such as:

  • Accountant / Bookkeeper,
  • Conveyancer / Lawyer
  • Finance Broker
  • Financial Planner
  • Insurance
  • Maintenance Services
  • Property Management etc


We are on your side, today, tomorrow and into the future.

Mike Harvey
Owner and Principal Consultant

Mike is an author, serial entrepreneur, and savvy real estate investor. He manages his business with integrity and respect. Mike has seen first hand how sharks can act without dignity and not in the interest of their clients, and has built an internationally successful business acting with honesty and integrity as his core values . These experiences led him to writing his best selling book “How to Jump into Property Investment without being Eaten by Sharks! Let Mike and his team guide you to a successful property portfolio while being on your side every step of the way.


Hear about the On Your Side Difference

At 50 something, my wife and I decided that after years of taking care of others, it was time to build some financial wealth for our retirement.  Better late than never I thought.

Mike shattered all my sales people stereotypes, he knew we were in no financial position to buy a property but had all the time in the world to explain a formula for buying property that works as well as helping me make some lifestyle changes and set some goals. Most importantly he listened to understand our circumstances.

Paul & Michiko

Youth at Risk, School Teachers, Goonda


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